Retrospect Week: Caught Up With Harrison Gordon

Harrison “Boardin'” Gordon has been floating around for a minute. You may not have noticed, but he’s gone from a flow guy on Ride, to a full blown Salomon, Bonfire, and Monster Am. Hanging with Harrison is always a good time-he brings the mellow vibes. In fact, Harrison’s whole deal is keeping it mellow, except for when he’s on his snowboard. Then anything goes.

What have you been up to this summer?

Ah man, this summer ruled. I’ve been able to do a bunch of snowboarding. I went up to Mt. Hood, to Windells, for the Salomon signature session with Scotty Arnold, Bode Merrill, Chris Carr, and Salomon TM Java Fernandez. After that I went up to Whistler, to Camp of Champs with Monster TM Evan Lefebre, Chris Grenier, Zach Hale, Jake Kuzyk, and Ethan Deiss. That was super fun. Then I went back to Hood, to High Cascade this time, for the Videograss session. Everyone from both Videograss crews was there, so it was super fun. We premiered our new video. Everyone was pumped and it was a sweet party.


Summer time handplants rule. Photo: Chris Grenier

How did your winter go?

It was my most fun winter ever. I got to travel more then ever, and I got to see a bunch of cool places. So, it was really awesome. But at the same time it was really, really stressful.

I bet dude. Retrospect is the first real part that you’ve ever had.  How did you cope with the stress?

Well I coped pretty poorly [laughs]. I went into the season with a ton of expectations, and I kind of let the whole thing overwhelm me. I feel like I blew it. I was never really comfortable filming for a “major” video all year-first year jitters I guess. But in the long run, running around and doing what I was doing was the most fun sh*t ever.

Who did you cruise around with last year?

The crew was mostly Gary Milton, he was the filmer, and Ethan Deiss, Jake Kuzyk, and a little bit with Alex Andrews.


Harrison slashing some snow this past winter. Photo: Chris Grenier


The best part of snowboarding is hanging with your buds. Photo: Chris Grenier

Are you hyped on your part?

I’m really hyped on the video [laughs]. I’m really pumped to be a part of it. The premiere in Portland was super fun.

But what about your part? Are you pumped on that?

No, not really. I’m not that pumped.

What would you change about if you had the power to go back and do things differently?

I would get a snowmobile and make Bryan Fox, Austin Smith, and Curtis Ciszek take me with them. I would for sure get some jump shots and not have an all-urban part.  It feels like something is lacking, and I think that’s what it was. I bought Chris Grenier’s old sled off of him, so next year I’m going to send it. Next year I’m going after the nine!

What’s your plan for the fall?

I’m taking a few fall classes at Cal State University Northridge, and then I’m going on the Videograss premiere tour in Europe. So that will be super fun. After that I’m going to Switzerland for a Salomon and Bonfire catalog shoot. I’m going to be there for almost a month. Pretty crazy.

What about your winter plans?

My main winter plan is to go on the Salomon Bonfire world tour. Throughout the whole season we’re going to resorts all across the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan, to put on demos. We’ll also be filming at real spots, too. I really want to film another Videograss part.