Results: Icer Air

By Desiree Baldwin

On Saturday, November 4th, a handful of select snowboarders and skiers soared over the San Francisco skyline on an enormous mountain of snow-covered metal scaffolding, competing in front of nearly 25,000 winter enthusiasts in San Francisco’s highly anticipated Icer Air, big air event. Following in the footsteps of last year’s jump on Filmore Street, this year’s competition took place at AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants, and was hosted by Tony Hawk and Jonny Moseley.

Perched 100 feet in the air, on over twenty stories of zigzagging metal scaffolding, riders descended a 100 foot ramp and hit a giant kicker, clearing a twenty foot gap with a safety net dangling below to catch any falling riders who had an unfortunate take off. Nearly 200 tons of manmade snow was spread over the plywood the night before, leaving outside borders uncovered and a presenting a serious hazard to any athlete with a wobbly landing. Tony Hawk joked that they should forego the thin layer of snow completely and just go with the plywood and some running water.

Dropping in under the bright stadium lights, with a backdrop of the full moon rising over the San Francisco Bay, Travis Rice took first place with his gigantic Backside 7, pocketing $10,000 in cash and a new SUV. Andreas Wigg won the crowd with his impressive Backside Rodeo 900. Other highlights included TransWorld’s “Rookie of the Year Chas Guldemond sticking a solid Backside Rodeo during the practice session and Rossignal’s Wyatt Caldwell stomping a Frontside 7 Melon without a hitch. Earlier in the day, female riders, and anyone under 150 pounds had a tough time getting enough speed to clear the gap. Laurrie Currier attempted a front flip, but caught her board on the edge of the landing and a miscalculated take off put Bev Vuilleumiere in the safety net.

Also featured at the event was a wakeboarding exhibition in the bay surrounding the park, a skate and BMX Vert ramp with a surprise exhibition with Tony Hawk himself, as well as live performances by Ladytron and Jurassic 5. Parties surrounded Saturday’s festivities, hosted by San Fran venues Slide, The W Hotel, and Mezzanine. Thanks to Jonny Moseley and Icer Air for temporarily bringing winter and all of its hazards to San Francisco. A good time was had by all … except for that one skier girl who hit the plywood landing and is now in the hospital.

Final Results: Icer Air November 4th, 2006; San Fransisco, CA


1. Jamie Anderson
2. Laurie Currier
3. Bev Viggue


1. Travis Rice
2. Andreas Wiig
3. Danny Kass

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