Resort Report: Park City (Dec. 6)

Although Mother Nature still seems to be taking a bit of a nap here in Utah, Jim Mangan and his dedicated park crew at Park City Mountain Resort are doing the best they can with what they’ve got. After a little tease in October there really hasn’t been much to write home about in terms of snow and the temperature only just recently got cold enough to run the snow guns but that hasn’t stopped PC from having a mini-jib line set up from day one. This week the boys busted ass and even got a three-jump line together so the locs can start getting their legs under them; I mean it is Utah, it’s not like we’re not going to get at least a few pow days!

After a minor speed bump getting the “rustic Three Kings double lift running in tip top shape this week the jumps were ready to sesh and Aaron Biittner hit me up to go shred. After a quick warm up run on the Pay Day lift we headed over to the jump line and immediately ran into PC locs Neil Provo and Zach Siebert. Even with the early season snow pack and limited terrain PC is a training ground for Utah pros; Drew Fuller, Bjorn Leines, Mark Edlund, Aaron Biittner, Chris Coulter, Stevie Bell and a bunch more heads were all out there today (and every day) getting ready for a long season of shredding.

As the day went on the high clouds started to roll in and the light went a little flat, and Biittner needed to get home and pack for his first Mack Dawg filming trip of the season so we were out of there. Snow is in the forecast for Utah over the next bunch of days so hopefully we’ll get a fresh dose of pow. See you at PC!

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