Resort Report: June Mountain, CA

7,650 feet above sea level rests the sleepy town of June Lake, June’s bursting at the seams with a total population of 610, and not a single stoplight. The parking lot is small and it may have never seen capacity. The runs are wide and empty, and corduroy is aplenty. Joe put it best, “June is California’s S.T.F.--Secret Training Facility to the Layman. It could very well be California’s best-kept secret, and it’s most definitely a training facility. The park at June is all-time. The in runs, lips, and landings are chiseled, and sculpted to perfection--the laps are fast, and the park flows better than the Missippi. Stay tuned for some more June action, and some fresh additions to the park, as the second annual Grenade Games are to go down in less than a month ... 04/20/06 to be exact. So, if you’ve haven’t had the chance to ride June, make sure you pencil it in. Call in sick, do whatever you need to do--do yourself a favor.