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Coronet Peak is a medium sized ski field located 25 minutes outside of Queenstown New Zealand. The elevation sits a little above the snow line at 5,410 feet. Coronet boasts 1,516 vertical feet of runs with three chairs and one t-bar to access them. The season there goes from early June to early October in an average year, with night skiing mid July to mid September on Fridays and Saturdays.

The terrain at Coronet is a playground for the creative shredder. With endless gullies and rolling slopes that are peppered with large rock formations. There are gaps to jump over, rocks to jib on, wind lips to hit, and natural trannies to play on. On a good snow day the upper reaches of the mountain provide some steeper gullies to charge and slash away in. And when the snow is not so prime there is a park to ride in with a pipe, jumps, and a great assortment of challenging but fun rails and boxes.

When Coronet is in full swing a ticket will cost you $89 NZ. If planning a New Zealand shred trip it is definitely worth working a stop here into your destinations. A fun playful shred day awaits you and your riding partners here.

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