“Do it for your Reef Girl¿!” shouted Morgan Delany’s friends as he shot up the kicker, flipping into his first-ever backside rodeo. He stomped it clean, thanks to the image of a world famous tight ass-he hoped would soon be his for an evening of sheer bliss and more importantly, sweet revenge.

You see, in order to win this dream prom date with a Reef girl, Morgan had to put pen to paper and lay down some very sad ink. The tale was of his best friend-Bob the cat-who was brutally murdered by the town bullies. At the tender age of six, Morgan vowed never to love another being as long as he lived. In high school, Morgan broke his vow and fell for a young lass, only to have her stolen away at a dance, by one of the very same bullies who had slaughtered Bob!

What Morgan needed was a fine piece of lass that he could flaunt in front of the whole town. This contest was his only hope. He mailed off his entry and waited.

Months later the phone rang. It was official, the time for vengeance had finally arrived. The picturesque buttocks Morgan had admired so often were to be delivered right to his door in the small town of Whitefish, Montana.

Hold on a second! thought Morgan, with that booty comes a brain, right? What if she’s a monster? Oh well, at least she’d be a hag with a nice caboose, eh?

Morgan showed up at the local airport (a whole day before the prom) to pick up his shipment. His expectations were far surpassed. This Reef Girl¿ had a nice everything! She was so much more than just a great pair of cheeks that Morgan was left speechless. Her name was Rachel, and she was his real living, breathing prize! Morgan felt overwhelmed.

He gathered himself together and whisked Rachel off to his family’s house for a homemade sushi dinner. After a few laughs, his Reef Girl¿ needed to be put away at a local hotel so she could rest up for the big day.

Morgan swung by the hotel at 10:30 the next morning, picked up his Reef Girl¿, and pranced her around town for the entire day. The local folks were in awe. Husbands lost all interest in their wives. Little boys crashed their bikes while staring at the most exquisite derriere they had ever laid eyes on. It was a day that Whitefish wouldn’t soon forget.

That evening, Morgan arrived at the hotel in a limo and beckoned Rachel to join him for dinner at a fancy restaurant. The conversation ran the gamut, from Morgan pointing out Jim Neighbor’s house, to Rachel telling him about the time she tasted her friend’s breast milk. After dinner, she asked him if she had anything in her teeth. Morgan replied flatly, “It doesn’t matter.”

The scene at the prom was not unlike a Hollywood award ceremony. A red carpet was rolled out for the young couple as they exited the limousine. Flashes burst in their eyes from every angle. The entire township was present, and Morgan and his Reef Girl¿ were by far the main focus. The local girls stared jealously as Rachel sipped on a glass of red punch.

Dance after dance, Morgan held his Reef Girl’s body close to his. All the while knowing that the cat killers and their harlot were watching from the shadows in disbelief. Then came the topper, Morgan was named King Of The Prom. He was floating on air. After only 30 seconds into the dance with the Queen, he abandoned the plain Jane for his beautiful Reef Girl¿.

And so the night went on-a night that will go down in Whitefish history: Local Boy Done Good.