Reef Boy Contest

The We’re Sexist Pigs And We’re Sorry Contest

The contest of your life!

None of us realized that the “Take A Reef Girl To The Prom” contest was leaving some of our female readers out of the fun. That wasn’t very “90s” of us. In order to make up for this gross and inexcusable oversight, welcome to the Go To Homecoming With A Cute Reef Pro contest. Win and we’ll send you and Kevin Jones* or Jim Rippey to your school’s Homecoming Dance. We’ll even kick down for hot cocoa at the game.

All you ladies have to do to enter is send us the reason why-given the overwhelming ratio of desperate males to jaded females in most snow environments-you don’t already have twelve dudes kicking down your front door, and why you deserve to take a Reef boy to your Homecoming. Your reason should be no longer than 600 words and include your name, age, address, and telephone number (no pictures, we want this to be fair). The story that tugs at our heart strings the most wins a date with Kevin* or Jim (please specify your preference).

Sound too good to be true? You’ll be the envy of all your friends, make all the girls who snub you jealous, and dance the night away with the boy of your dreams.

To Enter:

Send entries to: “I Need To Date A Reef Pro.” TransWorld SNOWboarding, 353 Airport Rd., Oceanside, CA 92054

Winners will be announced in our September ’99 issue.

* Aaron Astorga, team manager, at Reef said everything was a go with Mr. Jones. Unfortunately nobody asked Nicole, a.k.a. the Beast Master (Kevin’s lovely girlfriend), so we can’t actually guarantee that he can go.


If Kevin and Jim are a little too intimidating, we can send our non-threatening Assistant Editor, washed-up Vans pro David Sypniewski. He’s “husky” and sort of peculiar, but at least you can be assured that you’re way cooler than him.