Red Gerard and his family are making headlines around the web for their celebrations after, as well as before, Red’s big finish at slopestyle finals during the 2018 winter olympics. Rumors of shotgunning beers, demolishing racks, and general reports of getting gerarded are in full effect, and honestly, we wouldn’t expect anything less. Red’s win means a lot for him and his family, no doubt, but the entirety of the snowboarding community is behind him as well, and these types of celebrations are not very surprising. Seeing the headlines struggle to understand snowboarding’s party-friendly mentality are definitely giving us a good laugh today. Here are a few of our favorites.

USA Today, clearly hyped on the Gerard’s ability to shotgun beers. Standard celebratory maneuver, but still impressive. Carry on!

Loving that shotgunning beers is in quotes here. Sports Illustrated, give us a call and we’ll explain to you what the ten percent rule is, too.

The Gerard clan in full effect. Making snowboarding proud.

Can’t stop partying seems like a bit of a stretch. They just choose not to.

Brendan Gerard really wraps this one up nicely. Full send, brother.

This probably happens a lot more often than you’d think. But the chance to drop an F-bomb on a global scale is too good to pass up.

We also noticed few half-hearted attempts by some bigger news organizations to fully document Red’s backyard park, as well. Do yourself a favor and watch the real deal right here.

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Stay tuned for more coverage from the 2018 Winter Olympics!