The main difficulty isn’t a high-speed approach or a massive gap—it’s trying to get it done with the din of hundreds of snowmobiles swarming around and keeping the landing free of sled tracks.

Jumps like this one don’t just appear out of nowhere, but they do happen to get blown out pretty quick in the small world of snowboarding. We’re keeping extra tight-lipped about the location of this one—it doesn’t even have a name, just the 1080 jump or the double-cork jump, depending on who you’re talking to. Filmer Jess Gibson and the Robots first discovered it while roopin’ around in the backcountry two winters ago.

Travis Parker first hit it in the winter of ’03. He left the highmark at a rodeo 1080 in Lame. That same winter, JP Walker stepped up to it and rode away with a new trick, the frontside double-cork in Shakedown and a poster in the September issue of TWS.

Look for more sessioning of this kicker in Afterlame—Hampus Mosesson tackles a switch backside seven, and Jakob Wilhelmson goes for the Cab 900.—A.F.

It’s one of my favorite jumps for sure. I did something I never thought I could do—that’s pretty cool. Man, that’s a damn good jump.” — Travis Parker