Rat Race 2014 Recap

Pat Moore may not shave his beard but he definitely waxes his Ass. PHOTO: Greg Furey
Burton Demo had the grill going and held registration the night before the race. Dave Massie held down the grill. PHOTO: Greg Furey
This is just a few of the people signing up. PHOTO: Greg Furey
Max Warbington about to drop as Curtis, Reynolds, Bundy, and some green astronaut check his form. PHOTO: Cole Martin
Spencer O’Brien has the luck of the Irish as she dodged bamboo and took first for the women. PHOTO: Greg Furey
Colin Langois hugging the turn. PHOTO: Greg Furey
Scott Blum had some of the best style through the course. PHOTO: Greg Furey
It’s the summer of RJ at HCSC but Blake Paul doesn’t care as he puts up some snow while cruising by RJ. #allwhiteeverything PHOTO: Cole Martin
Gus Warbington aka @therealgdon took a day off from farm golf and hanging with Shredy to race. PHOTO: Cole Martin
Determined to get to the checkered flag. PHOTO: Greg Furey
The Rat Race has brought out some heavy hitters the last couple of years. This year was no different as Nicolas Muller makes an appearance and takes 1st. PHOTO: Greg Furey
Ben Ferguson doesn’t ride pipe. The kid can snowboard and finished in the top 10. PHOTO: Cole Martin
Kyle Martin putting some of SoCal surf style into this turn. PHOTO: Greg Furey
The Ring of Fire. PHOTO: Cole Martin
The fastest man of the day, Nicolas Muller, makes it look easy as the goes through the top spine section. PHOTO: Greg Furey
Russell Winfield cooking through the berm as he kicks up some snow. PHOTO: Greg Furey
Zak Hail took some time out his SoCal summer life and partying at Flux to come up to Hood and be apart of the Rat Race. PHOTO: Cole Martin
Curtis Ciszek laying it down and just missed taking first by .02 of a second. PHOTO: Greg Furey
Brett Moody going through the spine section of the course as Nicolas Muller looks on at his competition. PHOTO: Greg Furey
Can you tell he is having fun? Just look how happy he is! PHOTO: Cole Martin
Johnny Brady pushing himself to get to that checkered flag. PHOTO: Cole Martin
Women top 3: 1st- Spencer O’Brien 2nd- Elena Hight 3rd- Tori Koski PHOTO: Greg Furey
Winners of various awards. PHOTO: Greg Furey
Men top 3: 1st- Nicolas Muller 2nd- Curtis Cizek 3rd- Harry Kearney PHOTO: Cole Martin
Harry Kearney took the 1st ever Cascade Downhill Chamption Award by getting 1st at the Dirkson Derby & Baker Banked Salomon and getting 3rd at the Rat Race. PHOTO: Cole Martin
The Rat Race top 30 PHOTO: Cole Martin

2014 Drink Water Rat Race

Photos by Greg Furey and Cole Martin. Video by Jerm. Words by Matty B.


The third annual Drink Water Rat Race went down this past weekend with Pro’s and Am’s coming in from all over the world. The course was faster this year with an AK spine thrown in the top half of the course that proved to be tough At the end of the day it was Nicolas Muller  winning the race and various other awards were given out at the clear lake after party. Drink Water, riders, sponsors and friends ended up raising over 20K for Water.org while putting on one of the best events this summer! We can’t wait for next years Rat Race.

Race Results

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