For some of us it was a parent who bought our first snowboard or took us to the hill for the first time. And a lot of the time dear old dad was the man behind purchasing the board or driving the car. Somewhere along the way we got addicted and snowboarding has stuck with us. This fathers day we want to pay tribute to all of the dads out there working long hard hours. The dad’s who, on their time off, pick us up so we can go ride the mountain together. We put together a gallery of some of the best snowboarding dads of all time for your viewing pleasure. And as snowboarding reaches a point where the next generation of young shredders is raised by ex and current pros it's going to be exciting to see how these kids use the knowledge bestowed on them. So hats off to you dads and thank you for all you have done. These ones are for you.


Check out the Fathers of Snowboarding Craig kelly, Terry Kidwell, Tim Windell, Ken Achenbach, Chuck Barfoot, Tom Sims, and Jake Burton HERE