Rad-air.com, in partnership with “Element Hiking Camps for men and women” will be holding the Longboard Classic Saturday 15, April 2000 at Stuben am Arlberg, Austria.

The unique contest will be limited to 75 participants, and will feature a “Le Mans” start¿everyone starts at the same time¿and is simply a Chinese Downhill. The only catch: all men must ride a board of at least 172 cm, while the women must ride a board at least 162 cm long. The aim is simply to be quicker than your friends.

The first five women and ten men will participate in the rad-air.com final. Each female competitor will be provided with a 172 cm longboard and each male competitor with a 200 cm longboard for the final. The rules: There are no real rules. The first one to finish is the best.

The winners will be named the “King” and “Queen” of the rad-air.com Longboard Classic. The first three individuals in each category can take the rad-air.com boards which carried them to victory home with them!

During and after the race there will be live DJs, a barbecue, and Hawaiian festivities. This event is strictly for pleasure seekers, snowboarding purists, and longboard lovers!

“This will be the coolest freeriding event in the year 2000,” says Dani “Kiwi” Meier, rad-air.com pro boarder and responsible for international communication. “Long boards, long runs, long curves and long drinks. It’s all about style!”

Further information is available at: www.rad-air.com