Quotes 15.8

“If I had ever known that letter was going to end up in a magazinesome day, I would have made it way longer.”-Nate Bozung, regarding a groupie letter to Blaise Rosenthal appearingin issue 15.6’s M3 ad

“I’m not a stalker or anything, but I named my kitty after you.”-random girl to Marc Frank Montoya in Breckenridge at the Vans Triple Crown

“I’ve been watching all these kids in the new videos, and they’re no better than we were five years ago-and we were hammered.”-Russell Winfield to Cody Dresser

“It’s so much easier to ride when you don’t have to listen to Dipshit.”-Todd Richards enjoying his new iPod during the Bachelor Grand Prix finals announced by Mark Sullivan

“He said he ‘didn’t want to deal with my issues anymore.'”-Blaise Rosenthal quoting the reason ThirtyTwo TM Eddie Lee fired him