Quotes 15.7

“We want to be like those two kids that almost made it big, but had to go to rehab instead. Kind of like Cory Feldman and Cory Haim.”

-reformed Mormon Jordan Mendenhall regarding his and Matt Ryan’s dedication to post-snowboarding activities

“Too bad it shows my gut, all the girls know how chubby I really am.”-Supernatural kid Jon Roth in a voicemail message remarking about his wet-cat sequence in 15.5

“Yeah, I have one, but I only wear it on holidays and Sundays.” -Lane Knaack commenting on his G-string

“I need snowlerblades. I’m not joking. I’m getting a pair for sure.”-photographer Cory Grove

“Palmer used to throw the shots over his shoulder-he always wanted to have the jock edge.”-Shawn Farmer on how hard Palmer really is