Quotes 15.6

“The first phrases I learn in foreign countries are how to introducemyself and how to say, ‘Get your hand off my ass.'”-Jessica Dalpiaz

“Dev can have his frontside three back, just don’t expect to get the frontside Cab!”-Max Jenke responding to a made-up request by Devun Walsh for the return of his trick

“We look nothing alike, but we’re from the same womb.”-Lukas Huffman on resemblance to his twin brother Jesse

“I don’t know which I’m more, handsome or vain.”-Fourstar Distribution’s Steve Ruff, contemplating himself

“Hey, I’m a high school graduate now.”-Dan Kass on his most recent victory

“‘Chad likes high school p-y’ … that’s what I’m gonna put.”-Blaise Rosenthal, brainstorming copy for M3’s new catalog