Quotes 15.5

“I’m not a hippie, I just like nature.”-Devun Walsh regarding his interview’s portrait

“In Europe, when a man kisses another man it’s not called ‘queer,’ it’s called fun.”-Romain De Marchi

“We’re moving to Utah … ’cause we’ve hit all the jumps in Colorado.”-Chad Otterstrom commenting about his and Matt Peterson’s winter relocation program

“This might be strange, but Rio Davidson has lame footage and shots of me, and he just let me know he sent out all that stupid crap. So please don’t use any of it. I don’t want lame shit to start showing up.”-Janna Meyen, enforcing quality-control standards via e-mail

“I’m not, like, a speech professionalist. My vocabulary is, like, twenty words.”-Nate Bozung expanding on the full extent of his Utah public-school education

“I’m destined to wind up in an alley, bathed in my own excrement, mumbling, ‘Do you know who I used to be?'”-Rob Campbell on his job prospects after Snowboarder and Crossrocket.com

“I’m limber as a baby chimpanzee. Now that, my friend, is limber.” -Associate Editor Cody Dresser

“I’m not calling Shaun f-king Palmer.”-Associate Editor Jennifer Sherowski when suggested she do some research