As a kid, did you ever think you'd one day be able to start your own snowboard company. Has this always been a dream of yours?

As a kid I knew my life would evolve around snowboarding one way or another.  It was not until the last couple years that I started considering doing my own company.  I know the challenges creating a successful brand in snowboarding so it was not until I had the proper knowledge, infrastructure and partners that I decided to start Jones Snowboards.

How will the boards be catered specifically to freeriders? What will be different about them?
Other companies are primarily focused on freestyle boards and maybe have a token freeride board in their line. This company is totally committed to freeriding and this will reflect in the boards.

It seems freeriding is getting more recognition than ever these days; does it get you stoked to see that this type of riding is really grabbing people's attention now? Why do you think this is the case?
The core of freeridng has always been alive in snowboarding, but now it is getting a little more attention.  The sport is maturing and the average age of snowboarders goes up every year and this is leading to more freeriders.  It's important that this trend continues because we are losing a lot of riders who are getting a little older and are sick off getting broken off in the park. You either find the backcountry or you find the beach…or if you are lucky both.

You just recently signed Jonaven Moore, do plan to continue building a team?
One of things I hope to accomplish with Jones Snowboards is to help the next generations of freeriders evolve and prosper.  So I will put a lot of energy into up and coming riders, but I will still bring in a few established riders to help lead the team and company down the right path.

Jonaven Moore

PHOTO: Kelly Schovanek

The press release mentions that there the boards will be built to meet the "environmental demands of your conscience," how so?
Our goal is to do whatever we can environmentally without compromising performance and durability. FCS wood cores, recycled bases, linseed fiber instead of glass, bamboo sidewalls and no plastic in the top sheets will be our base line.  We will continue to explore new materials as they come available.

Anyone who purchases a Jones Snowboards will receive a membership to POW ( and we will also donate 1% of all sales to POW to help offset our manufacturing footprint.

What's the most exciting thing about starting your own snowboard company?
To be able to put all my energy toward creating the ultimate snowboards.  To be able to develop product that will make me a better snowboarder and to hopefully help grow the sport of snowboarding and inspire riders.

What's the scariest thing?
Passionate people that I trust and respect surround me so I there is not too much fear right now. I guess the thought of more computer time freaks me out the most.

What is your biggest hope for Jones Snowboards?
Snowboarding has given so much to me that I hope to enrich the sport and make it better by running an authentic company that is focused on innovative and more sustainable products as well as inspire old and new riders to get into the mountains and ride.

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