Quote This: David Benedek

David Benedek has done it all. He’s put out some of the most progressive video parts to date, he’s invented tricks,  made movies and created contests. And now he’s hard at work on a book called Current State: Snowboarding. Here’s the quote that ran in the December issue of TranWorld and the interview it was pulled from.


Why a book?
I just always found it very intriguing to work on a print project.The switch from film to print is definitely pretty challenging, but it's been really fun so far.

Who is helping you with the book?
Haha, as of right now, I am a one-man army.

Can you give us a preview of the table of contents? What will this book contain?

It's basically an interview compilation with some of snowboarding's most influential characters of the last 20 years. So there's not going to be an actual author voice. One half will be interviews, the other half photos.

What's the hardest thing about making a book or a movie?
Getting going. You can have the greatest ideas but unless you just jump into it it's not going to happen. There's never a right time for anything so you just have to make it happen. I've been carrying this idea around with me for years and I am finally on the road, interviewing people.

What's the most rewarding part of this process?
Holding whatever you created in your hands. Seeing your ideas come to life. Although that has a lot of depressing potential, too. When you're working on something for a long time you tend to only notice your mistakes afterwards.

David and the Red Cam

David and the Red Cam

What do you want people to take away from this book?
It kind of comes down to entertainment I think. Definitely my ambition is to spark some change and bundle some of the voice within snowboarding but really, it's got to be fun to look at. I do think that since a lot of the smarter people within snowboarding work in competing brands or different countries, there's not really much of a collaborative effort to progress and talk to each other. It's definitely pretty interesting to hear that a lot of the people have similar opinions.

And what do you think of the current state of snowboarding?
Well, that's what I am trying to find out right now, I´ll be able to tell you a better answer in a few months. But, overall I think it's doing pretty good.

Why do you like documenting things?
I am not sure if I particularly like documenting things. Documenting always entails some sort of objective truth and that usually requires a lot of work and thinking. So really, I think it's more the creation of an idea that I enjoy.

In Short is one of David's brain children.

In Short is one of David's brain children.

Who are your biggest creative influences?

Hmm, I don't really have these single people that influence me a great deal. The constant stream of creative work that floats around the world really amazes me. If I wasn't so busy I could spend all day on the Internet just looking at rad projects or films people have been putting together.

How many days a season do you ride these days?
I still ride as much as I can, actually not much less than I ever used to. It's maybe just a bit more focused so I can use my time more efficiently. I don't really go on these 3 month trips anymore where you just wait for weather.

More pillows. CMH look pretty fun, huh?

More pillows. CMH look pretty fun, huh?

How else do you spend your time these days?
Well, now the book really consumes a lot of my time, but before that and besides snowboarding I've mostly been working on some commercial film stuff.

Which riders are you really hyped on right now?
Phew, so many. Jed Anderson, LNP, Gigi, Danny Davis…too many to mention.

Where will people be able to buy this book?
There will be a limited amount of copies so people will have to reserve their copy online. Maybe there will be some going out to shops, but since it's such a high quality it's just not an option to produce for mass distribution. You can sign up at www.almostanything.com and once the project is closer to completion you'll be contacted for an actual order.

How much is it going to sell for?
I actually don't know yet and I am a bit scared to answer that question. I have some pretty wild print ideas and that might be very expensive.

How do you want to be remembered?
I don't really care actually. Or at least I am trying not to. I think people spend too much time worrying about what people think, I know I definitely used to and probably still do. People will forget about you sooner or later so you should just spend your energy on simply doing good stuff.

Powering through pillows at CMH

Powering through pillows at CMH