Behind Lib Tech Art With Quincy Quigg


Ask An Artist: An Interview with Quincy Quigg

From a Kraftsman on the skateboard production line, to full-blown artist, Quincy Quigg’s art has landed on many things Lib. His creations have showed up on Lib Tech Dark Series boards, Travis Rice’s pro models and loads of others…like the 2010/2011 Banana Magic–TransWorld’s Board Of The Month in the September issue. With a knack for skulls, fish, and otherworldly creatures, Quincy’s highly refined hesh art provides intricate scenes that keep your eyes searching. If you’re wondering where he comes up with this stuff, then look no further, here’s a little more about Northwestern artist Quincy Quigg.

Where are your roots?
Planted deep in the soil in a small town called Wilkeson, near Mount Rainier, Washington.

How long have you been with Lib? How’d you start off?
I’ve known all those cats for years through skateboarding and snowboarding, so when I needed a job, I got on laying up skate decks around 2005, then started turning in art, and through the evolutionary process the art started to show up on the boards…that was a good feeling.

Quincy Quigg rallying the white. Photo courtesy of Lib Tech.

Quincy Quigg rallying the white. Photo courtesy of Lib Tech.

How did you get into snowshredding?
In Wilkeson growing up we would get a foot or two of snow every winter so we would nail our Vans slip-on’s to old skate decks, and just bomb down some cruddy hills and just eat shit. Then we realized they actually started making these boards for snow and Crystal Resort was about an hour away. As soon as I started, I liked it.

Best place to shred?
I like Crystal, Baker, and Alpental for Washington Mountains. The best is definitely Alpy backcountry on a bluebird Tuesday after a big dump…I have seen god there.

The Lib heads mentioned that you got into art by sending envelopes to Thrasher. Tell us more.
I grew up with Thrasher, so I was always sending shit to the Phelper, just trying to hype up the comics, trying to get free shit. Those guys are cool…

Describe your style.
Sauce-beast, neck-beard, pirate-belly, crustacean face, salty rocktard.

There are two Qs in your name, that’s rare. Can you tell us about it?
My parents were hippies. I’m scando-nord-viking-robot-caveman-alien.

How important is individuality and expression in snowboarding?
It’s just like doing art-everyone has their own style, different approaches, so many different lines to create something…

What’s your favorite medium to work with?
I dabble in a lot of different mediums-from aerosol to tattooing, screen printing, ghetto-sculpture, but, I think oil painting is my fave.

What Lib graphic(s) are you most stoked on?
The 2010/2011 Banana Magic is my new fave-because it stemmed from an impromptu meeting with Mike Olson in the Snoqualmie parking lot last year. He said he wanted to see aliens partying with robots and humans, like BBQ-ing and playing Frisbee and shit. I had an idea to make it look like a family portrait of the last 10 million years…I drew the coelacanth fish because its the oldest known fish to man…they thought it was extinct a million years ago, but one washed up in Florida a few years ago.


Hah, wild. What do you know about the cui-ui fish?
I prefer my cui-ui sushi roll prepared from a master, otherwise the poison can kill a person in five minutes.

How do vertical pieces, like skate and snowboards decks, change the way you create?
I had to modify my little studio drawing table a little bit to make the paper fit, that’s it. It’s good, it works. I just turn up the stereo, crack a cold cerveza, light up a spliff…lets do work!

What inspires your creations?
My family, friends, my beautiful girlfriend, Mow the cat, Buddha the dog, everyday situations, crusty vagrant looking dudes, rad art, dead rats, broken down sailboats, nature, sick live music, good exotic food, traveling, and lots of other things.

Where can we see more of your art?
I’m going to try and get a personal website real soon, but until then, you can go to: Other than that, watch for some art shows around Seattle….