Quiksilver Tyax Heli Trip Day 5

Most stories build to a climax, with a final fury and resolution happening at the end. The Quiksilver Tyax Heliboarding trip in British Columbia was no different.

While the final night’s antics were touched upon in the previous story (see Quiksilver Tyax Heli Trip Day 4), the riding culminated with a final bang this last day. The skies were sunny and blue, and the helis lifted off earlier than the other three days to try to maximize the half day of riding that we were getting. (The day was cut short because we would be lifted out to Whistler in the afternoon.)

With only a morning to ride, we made the best of it, logging nine runs and 18,000 vertical feet of perfect, fresh, knee- to thigh-deep powder. With a group that included Jamie Lynn, Rich Woolcott, Billy Anderson, Pete Saari, Chief, Jason Haynes, Bernie Crepel, and Morgan Hill, as well as a cameraman from Fox’s 54321 action sports show, the riding was fast, furious, and captured on film.

Highlights included several gullies and natural halfpipes that the crew ripped hard. One run had so many wind lips and banks, it was like a 3,000-foot-long skatepark snake run. Inspired lines came from Billy, Jamie, Pete, Jason, and Wolly. It was interesting, because Jason definitely drew speed lines and fast hits down the mountain, while Billy and Jamie were looking for bigger hucks and spins. Jamie crashed landed more than a couple times, but always seemed to ride out of every tumble.

Wolly had a habit of hanging back, picking slightly different lines, and waiting to see where people went and what might be even better to launch off of.

At one point, the crew watched Billy walk a few steps away from the landing zone we were at, waiting for the helicopter to arrive. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a baggy with some of his brother’s ashes in it, and sprinkled them in the snow. It was one of the most moving sights I’ve ever seen.

The final run and flight back to the lodge came reluctantly, with such an awesome day in full force. But clouds were again moving in from the West, and visibility was starting to get a little dicey. Although this year’s trip had a ton of sub plots and side shows, the action and camaraderie on the snow was still what we came for and today delivered the riding you dream about for the other 364 days of the year.

After a quick shower and lunch, people said their farewells, hugged, kissed, and promised they’d be back next year. Once again Tyax lodge and TLH Heliskiing delivered great powder riding for the Quiksilver crew and friends, plus a whole lot more.

And thanks to everyone from Quiksilver, especially Bob McKnight, for such a great time and opportunity to hang for the week. It was awesome.