Quiksilver Tyax Heli Trip Day 1

Quiksilver’s Tyax Heliboarding trip is one not to be missed. It’s a snowboarding trip to interior British Columbia where participants spend four days in a large, log lodge away from phones, computers, and reality.

Instead, it’s a time for bonding, hanging, flying in helicopters, ripping up deep powder, and enjoying how good life really is. It’s a time when you remember to not sweat the little things. It’s a time to marvel at how precious life really is. And it’s a time to realize how beautiful and expansive the snow-capped mountains of Canada really are.

Getting to Tyax is an ordeal itself. Most of the attendees flew up to Vancouver on Sunday, and spent the night at the swanky downtown Pan Pacific hotel. Word was legendary Quik So Cal rep Willy Morris took a few out to a night of debauchery only seen in Canada. The details will stay strictly off the record to protect the innocent.

The next morning was round-up time, as the whole group met at the Pan Pacific. The elite crew flew by private jet from So Cal, while another group came up on super early flights. Mervin Manufacturing VP of Marketing Pete Saari, Jamie Lynn, and Snowboarder’s Mike “Chief” Nusenow made the trek by car up from Seattle, and brought a quiver of newly pressed Lib Tech boards especially for the trip.

Other notables included Quiksilver’s elite management such as CEO Bob McKnight, President Bernard Mariette, CFO Bill Bussiere, and Gregg Solomon. In from Europe came Peter Skelton, Maritxu Darrigrand, Bernie Crepel, and Jeff Hakman. The most-distance-traveled award went to Quiksilver’s Jaason Haynes and Katrina Long from Australia. The Quik marketing department was also well represented by Taylor Whisenand, Kristin Barone, and Kenna Bertell.

The Quik Snow crew was there as well with Sales Manager Dave Rosenberger, Designer Natalie Murphy, and Team Manager Brian Craighill. Pro rider Todd Richards showed up wearing a T-shirt that said, “I only date Roxy girls.” Speaking of Roxy girls, Jessica Dalpiaz showed as well, three weeks after breaking her collar bone. She was hoping the powder would be soft enough to handle with the injury. And skate legend Tony Hawk was along as well.

The Volcom crew was represented again this year by Richard Woolcott, Billy Anderson, and Paul White, while the Tavarua boat drivers Jon Roseman and Terry Stewart were looking for snow-capped mountain waves.

The wildcard of the whole trip would prove to be none other than Happy Magazine’s Robert “Alibaba” Landgreen, who was ready to take the trip to a whole new level.

Under cloudy, rainy weather, the group of 40 some odd attendees boarded a bus to head up to the heli pad in Whistler, where they then took helicopters on a 40 minute ride to the Tyax lodge to begin the four-day stay. Because of the size of the crew, one group had to stay behind and wait for a later helicopter. A quick trip to the Whistler village meant direct lines to the Longhorn bar and then liquor store for bottles of tequila for the helicopter ride. Nothing like seeing people chug out of a tequila bottle while flying through snow-capped mountains.

One lesson learned was that it’s not advisable to drink before flying in a helicopter. Not because you’ll get sick–it’s actually a very smooth ride--but because there are no bathrooms in the heli. As soon as the copter doors opened, several jumped off and ran off to the bathroom to relieve themselves.

Once the group settled, dinner and drinking commenced in the Tyax lodge. With a large dinning room that blends into a bar, the crowd easily spread itself out on tables next to the fireplace, at the pool table, bar, and dart board. As people started drinking, the snow started snowing outside, which would be a good omen for the riding later in the week.

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