Questions Available For Youth Culture Survey

May 5, 02004— Label Networks, Inc., the only global youth culture marketing intelligence and research company, is offering businesses unique access to the world’s most influential youth marketplace through a limited number of proprietary questions for pre-purchase on their upcoming North American Youth Culture Research Study. Proprietary questions that are embedded into their unique field survey are the ideal method for gaining critical knowledge from face-to-face interviews with thousands of 13-24-year-olds across the diverse cultures that make up the vast American landscape.

“For clients who purchase proprietary questions, they can reference their results with all of the other variables in the rest of the Study and gain critical knowledge that is specific to their brand, says Tom Wallace, President of Label Networks, Inc. “And what happens in North American youth cultures often causes a ripple effect around the world, meaning that our research results also provide an indicator for new influences and emerging global trends.

Each proprietary question is assembled with the assistance of Label’s Youth Culture Experts in order to assure they are asked in the appropriate vernacular of the local target audience and integrated properly into the flow of the overall survey. Using Label’s remote digital technology and highly-trained endemic field research teams, data is gathered unobtrusively, fast, and wirelessly within 49 specific regions, including 4 Canadian Provinces, based on scientific representative sampling of the continent.

The North American Youth Culture Study ’04 offers quantitative results in the form of charts, graphs, and frequencies, and qualitative editorial summaries explaining key trends and why, historical references, responses young people say above and beyond survey questions, plus tips on how to apply the results. Topics include brands, opinions, and influences in fashion, sports and action sports, technology, advertising, communication, music, spending patterns, personal care products, travel, online patterns, cell phones, electronics and technology, automotive preferences, food and beverages, lifestyle, psychodemographic traits, plus religion and politics, among others. Results are offered by age, gender, and ethnicity and include a robust Fashion Ethnography section of more than 900 categorized photos clearly expressing fashion, footwear, accessories, hair, tattoos, style, and attitude.

Overall, the North American Youth Culture Study 02004 is part Label Networks’ on-going development of a global youth culture think tank and research laboratory measuring the changing demographics, influences, market shifts, and opportunities through omnibus studies throughout the world. For businesses tracking the shape of the youth market and forecasting for the future, a subscription to Label Networks’ Studies is a fundamental tool for building successful business strategies in the global youth marketplace.

For questions and inquiries about proprietary questions or pre-purchase discounts for the North American Youth Culture Study 02004, or for global online subscriptions or information about our custom research services, including event research, consulting, and presentations, please email; or call +310-745-3005.

About Label Networks:
Label Networks, Inc. is the only global youth culture marketing intelligence and research company covering the most trendsetting subcultures in the world. Label was launched in 2000 to bridge the gap between companies trying to access the youth marketplace and the lack of useful, authentic research about the fast-changing landscape. Label created new methods to gain constantly fresh quantitative and qualitative data about the marketplace accurately and quickly with a combination of remote data-acquisition and analysis systems, and a credible team of Youth Culture Experts. Together, Label measures, reports, and consults with brands, agencies, and media about pinpoint consumer preferences gathered from face-to-face interviews from the heart of opinionated youth environments. Global Youth Culture Studies include North America, Europe, Japan, and China (Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong as of October, 02004); Clients: Vans, Harley-Davidson, LG, Footlocker, Siemens, Fox Sports Network, Braun, Salomon, Nike, Levi’s, Quiksilver, Billabong, DC Shoes, Globe/Gallaz, Xbox, Ford, Columbia Sportswear, Creative Artists Agency, Immortal Entertainment. Contact: Label Networks, Inc.; 6230 Wilshire Blvd. #72; Los Angeles, CA 90048; (310) 745-3005;;