Q&A : Tyler Lepore, Kyle Clancy, & Tyeson Carmody

Have you ever had “The Fear”? Have you ever felt sketchy and uncomfortable and like every move you make is one move away from death? Everyone’s got an on-snow situation that makes them feel completely out of their element. The question is, which scenario fits like a glove?-J.S.

Where do you feel most at home on your snowboard?

Tyler Lepore

Age: 25

Sponsors: CAPiTA, ThirtyTwo, etnies, Oakley, DaKine, LifeTime Collective, Alive Athletics

“I don’t like hitting massive jumps. There are instances when I know that if I fail to make it to the landing, my body will suffer harm and bones could be broken. This thought perturbs me and makes the whole experience of riding scary. I feel most at home when I’m at home in Vancouver, but when I feel coziest on my snowboard is when I feel like snowboarding. I started snowboarding to snowboard, not to be a stuntman. When I’m riding my snowboard on what I want to ride it on-that’s when I’m at home.”

Kyle Clancy

Age: 24

Sponsors: Gnu, Atmosphere, Vans, Red Bull, Grenade Gloves, Oakley, Mongo Pro International

“I feel out of my element on the lift. When I get to the top, I feel better.”

Tyeson Carmody

Age: 26

Sponsors: No, thanks. Actually, call Eesa a sponsor, and Wick Winder gives me Stepchild boards-so, big thanks to them.

“Personally, the most scared I’ve ever been is in the backcountry when something goes wrong-whether it’s unexpected icy conditions on an exposed line or a slide. These are times when you actually fear for your life, but it happens in the heat of the moment, and it’s easier to deal with because a survival mode kicks in-you do whatever you need to do to save your ass.

“The hardest type of fear to deal with-for me, anyhow-is the anticipation type, whether it’s a park gap or a backcountry gap, you run through all the different aspects of what you’re about to do in your head: How much speed do I need? Will the jump kick me weird? Will the way I’m spinning put me in the right spot to catch the landing? All the time you spend thinking about the consequences. This type of fear sucks because you have to find the motivation to push yourself past it and step the f-k up.

“Where I’m most out of my element is definitely in a park-jump situation-I don’t ride parks very often, and I hate ice. I love big pow jumps, though.”