Q&A – Is there such a thing as localism in snowboarding?

It’d be kinda awesome if rival shred gangs held court over the domain of snowboarding by using intimidation to keep the best snow to themselves and instilling fear in the hearts of newcomers, who’d be told to “paddle in, kook!” as they strapped in at the top of the Mammoth park, for instance. Then again, maybe it wouldn’t.-J.S.

Is there such a thing as localism in snowboarding?

Shane Pospisil

Age: 20

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“Growing up surfing on the Jersey Shore allowed me to witness localism firsthand-there’re always people scrapping and shit-talking because some random guy got in their way. In skating and surfing, there’re definitely posses that’ll kick your ass for skating their park or surfing their break, but localism is a hard thing to claim in snowboarding. You aren’t focused on riding the same exact spot every day-there’s such a variety of terrain to ride most of the time. Luckily, you can go snowmobiling and build jumps to escape all the Waldos at the mountain. As long as snowboarders continue to have good rider etiquette in the backcountry and snowboard cults don’t start to develop at mountains, it’ll continue to be a fun sport that hasn’t been completely ruined by localism.”

Jesse House

Age: 24

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“I’m sure that people get rough sometimes, but I’ve never seen it get physical. You encounter the bad vibe every now and then, though. I’ve had the ‘That’s my jump!’ line said to me by newbs in Mammoth-it’s funny. I’ve put in a good amount of my life there, so I’m basically gonna do whatever I want in that area. I don’t disrespect people unless they do it to me. I’m not confrontational, and to guard your terrain, you have to be that. Private property, now that’s another story … “

Danny Kass

Age: 23

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“We hold down Mammoth pretty hard but rarely have to enforce. We roll deep enough to scare the gapers. Viva la Grenade, bitches!”