When snowboarding starts being your job, does it stop being your escape? Can it ever be both? If you ever start walking down that path to burnt out, can you ever come back? A few Finnish pros tell us what’s up.-J.S.

Honestly, have you ever gotten burnt out on snowboarding?

Heikki Sorsa
Age: 25
Sponsors: Burton, Oakley, Analog, Gravis, Red Bull, Active Ride Shop, Northstar, GoMobile, Trulli Clan
“No, not really. It’s always fun to go snowboarding! I was over riding halfpipe for a while, but I’m getting back into it! I like riding all kinds of stuff, and I was just in the halfpipe too much before the Olympics, so I burnt out a little bit. But I never got tired of going snowboarding!”

Wille Yli-Luoma
Age: 28
Sponsors: K2, Volcom, ThirtyTwo, etnies, IS Design, Utility Board Supply
“Yeah, several times. The first was when I was nineteen and I switched sponsors. I had so much pressure on me that I started thinking the whole thing was dumb. I wanted to quit, but instead I switched sponsors again, and this time I had more supportive people behind me and no pressure. Snowboarding suddenly got fun again.
“If I film too much, I get burnt out, so I try to snowboard as much as I can when the cameras aren’t there. Too much traveling and bad conditions can also wear you out. When that happens I go home and sleep in my own bed for a few nights and I’m recharged.”

Jussi Oksanen
Age: 28
Sponsors: Burton, Rockstar, DVS, WeSC, Smith, Northstar-at-Tahoe, Utility Board Supply
“This year I got burnt out from trying to film month after month and getting absolutely nothing, from early January until the end of March. That’s when it gets tough-when you’re trying so hard to make it happen and you just keep getting shut down. At the end of March I had a few amazing days in Whistler followed by an Alaska heli trip where we got some really good riding and filming. That’s when you know that it’s all worth it!”

Photo: Andy Wright