Q&A 15.8

Volume Fifteen, Number Eight-we finally made it. Many of you may not know that this magazine was pieced together in the anxious days of last December as we scrambled to finish our work and get out to ride. Three whole months to shred it up before we stare again into the gaping maw of production season. You might think this month’s question betrays the jaded mentality of being cooped up in the office all summer-and you’d be right. But instead of laying waste to a whole list of things that piss me off around here, like AOL Instant Messenger (chief time-waster and annoyer) and the word “peer” (as in, “make sure all your writing gets a peer edit”), I’m not even going into that. In fact, I’ll venture only one thing that pisses me off right now, and that’s not getting to snowboard. So hopefully you’re sitting on a full belly of riding as you read this-if not, well, there’s always summer camp.-J.S.

What pisses you off?

John Jackson
Age: 18
Sponsors: Supernatural, Planet Earth, ThirtyTwo, Dragon, Active Ride Shop, Grenade Gloves, Drake, Etnies
“People sitting in the landings of jumps and then making fun of me for my snowlerblades. When my car gets decorated with lipstick-that really happens. And that there’re not enough girls in Mammoth, although, there are a couple good ones I can think of-one in particular. But still, there aren’t enough.”

Abe Teter
Age: 23
Sponsors: Palmer, Ford Ranger, Spy, Rightguard
“What pisses me of is when people are given the wrong scores and end up on or off the podium. Saw it again last night here at Mt. Bachelor. Travis Rice should have been top three in the big air, but I guess the judges didn’t see his double backflip at the end.”

Jeff Anderson
Age: 22
Sponsors: Burton, Volcom, Oakley, Grenade Gloves, Clae
“When you’re about ready to commit to a trick-you’re sure you have it-then you have a mental block and just don’t do it. You usually end up slamming even harder when that happens.”

James Ledford
“I live a good life, and it’s not often I get pissed off. If something goes wrong, I usually just don’t care and get over it. You gotta roll with the punches.”

JohnPhoto: Chris Owen

AbePhoto: Kurt Hoy

JeffyPhoto: Rucker

JamesPhoto: Greg Jeske