Q&A 15.7

My mom is not a person of extraordinary physical strength or prowess. But when it comes to smoking, her senses are keener than a Russian timber wolf’s-and she goes for the jugular. If some poor bastard lights up across a restaurant, she’s on ’em faster than the pack to a kill. In high school the woman could smell cigarettes on my sister and me through coats, perfume, and countless tubes of toothpaste. “Smoking is disgusting,” she’s told me again and again. After almost taking up the habit in a Denver dive bar so my tobacco inhalation could at least be filtered, I finally realized-she’s right. They’re always right. So be a good shred and listen to your momma.-J.S.

What’s one thing your mother told you to always remember?

Kyle Clancy
Age: 20
Sponsors: Grenade, Salomon/Bonfire, Oakley, Gravis
“‘Cops have guns’-no lie!”

Marc Frank Montoya
Age: 26
Sponsors: Sims, Dub, Osiris, Technine, Northwave, Smith, Drop, Apollo, Hotskates
“She told me to be grateful for what you have, ’cause a lot of people got it way worse.”

Roberta Rodger
Age: 25
Sponsors: Chorus, ThirtyTwo, Velvet, Etnies, Clive, Split, Red Dragons, GMC
“Hmmmm … I think one of the most important things my mom said that’s helped me throughout my life is, ‘Always treat other people the way you want to be treated.’ I just want to be nice and approachable to anyone.”

Romain De Marchi
Age: 22
Sponsors: Burton, Dragon, Volcom, 68 Family, Nixon
“Remember Where I come from and to finish my homework.”

ClancyPhoto: Tim Zimmerman

FrankPhoto: Chris Owen

RodgerPhoto: Mark Welsh

De MarchiPhoto: Rucker