Q & A: What sucks in snowboarding right now?

Most people learn pretty early on to take the good with the bad-tendonitis from stomping too many park jumps, a hangover after a hectic night, obeying curfew to get your mitts on some allowance money. So even though snowboarding might be one of the greatest things in your life right now, you gotta admit there's some things it could do without. Read on to find out what three big-time shreds reckon on the subject and see how they measure up to your own opinion about it-we know you have one.-J.S.

What sucks in snowboarding right now?

JP Solberg

Age: 20

Sponsors: Burton, Analog, Gravis, Dragon, Nixon, Base boardshop

“Snowboarding could do without all the wack, half-ass inner-city big-air contests. My friend went to one in Russia where they didn't have enough snow. The organizers set a five-foot steel pole on top of two cement blocks and made it a rail session-worst-case scenario, but still, some people are like, 'That's what you do-that's your job!'

“Also, I can't understand why anybody would go snowboarding in jeans so tight they don't even come over your boots-super tight pants on skinny legs, and there's just this big spaceship attached to your feet. But if that's what you're into ... “

Seth Huot

Age: 26

Sponsors: Volcom, CAPiTA, Dragon, Ogio, APX/Drake,

Level, Nixon, MiloSport

“Getting tickets and having to fly in for mandatory court appearances with minor lawyer fees-all of it for standing around shoveling snow at 2:00 a.m. Go Denver!”

Chris Brown

Age: 26

Sponsors: Volcom, Salomon, Wildcats, The Circle

“All the jibbers-the kids who can do frontside boards down street rails and get sponsored for it, but can't even turn their shredsticks on the hill. I think that's wack.”

Photos: Nick Hamilton