Pro Riders, Friends Launch Endeavor Snowboards

At a time in snowboarding when marketing and design have become the only focus of so many companies, a void has been created. There is a need for an endeavor that controls more than just the brand image of their product. There is a need for an endeavor that has the ability to put all of its love for snowboarding into all levels of its business.

Endeavor snowboards prides itself on being a service company. We have gone back to square one and examined the truth behind the business of selling snowboards. We have taken our years of experience and massive exposure to snowboardingís business and marketing models, and focused them into this endeavor. Our mission is to push the limits of creative snowboard design, and offer a new benchmark of production quality, delivery, service and support.

Endeavor Design Inc. is a manufacturing company. We have the vertically integrated advantage. We exercise complete control – from the material used, the workers chosen to press the boards, the riders chosen to endorse the brand, to the sales and service people that link us to the end consumer. We take pride in every step of the process, all the way through to customer support.

Endeavor’s production facility is located in Hood River, Oregon. This US location allows us to immediately integrate the newest research and development information and technologies, and over see quality control during the production process instead of after. Costly and lengthy overseas shipping problems are eliminated, and boards can be manufactured on an individual basis.

Endeavor Snowboards was established in 2001, comprised entirely of experienced riders, dedicated to fulfilling this mission without compromise.

Max Jenke, Brand Manager, has been a professional snowboarder for 7 and has first hand experience of the direct and indirect affects of marketing. Max is pursuing a degree in economics and commerce at the University of British Columbia.

Rob Dow, Product designer, has been involved in the snowboarding industry since its birth. Rob has been riding professionally for over ten years, and understands what it takes to make a great snowboarder and great snowboard products.

Randy Ross. Creative Director, has been snowboarding and involved in the snowboarding industry for over ten years. Randy is an accomplished writer/photographer/designer. Outside of snowboarding, he has created and directed a variety of brands for major corporations. Randy holds a marketing degree and industrial design diploma from the University of Toronto.

Chris Martin. Sales manager, has been snowboarding for over 10 years. Much of his experience comes from the retail end of the industry, giving Chris a firsthand grasp of what life is like on the retail floor.

Although the pro team has yet to be announced, many product testers, including the board of directors, have been developing the line. Innovative programs such as the 10 Business Day Warranty Guarantee, Endeavor Special Store (Online) and the Employee and Customer Incentive Program are not just ìthings we would like to do.î They are company policies and a direct reflection of our board of directors.

Max, Randy, and Rob are mounting a massive design attack on the hearts and minds of snowboarders. Generous time and funding has been allotted to shop customized P.O.P. The design team aims to reinvigorate the freedom and creativity that this sport was founded on. Socially responsible fashion-forward board design, celebrity endorsement and massive public exposure through charity donations and design focused media, are in the works.

In all of this the message will remain: always stay positive, always dream¿Always Endeavor.