Part acronym, part snowboard icon and part businessman, Marc Frank is a hustla through and through. If you're looking to follow his lead, you can start by studying his everyday kit, which is right before your eyes.


PHOTO: Andy Wright

Marc Frank Montoya

Age: Hahaha! [He's 32.]
Sponsors: Technine, Sound Outerwear, DVS Shoes, Drop, Emv Energy, Spy, Bluebird Wax, Milosport Board Shop.
Years snowboarding: Since '91.
Roots: Denver, Colorado.
Home: Salt Lake City, Utah.
Height: 5'10".
Weight: 180 lbs.
Stance: The right foot forward, 23 ¼ inches wide.
Boot size: I squeeze my twelve into an eleven.
Forward lean: Medium.
Personal settings: I put my heel cup all the way back, shave the toe off my boots, and run the highback Scrub Hooks all Lucas Magoon steez.
Tuning techniques: Detune my edges pretty good and spend an hour on the perfect sticker placement.
Most important part of your setup
: The look has to be solid.
Describe your riding style: Tiger style …

Board: Technine/Sound MFM Pro Model 157 $459
Boots: Northwave MFM prototype (n/a)
Bindings: Technine/Sound MFM Pro Model $259
Jacket: Sound Riding Jersey $125
Pants: Sound MFM Signature Cargo Pant Shell $240
Gloves: Drop MFM Pro Model $65
Goggles: Spy Zed $90
Beanie: DVS MFM $25
Pack: DaKine Team Heli Pro DLX $100


Are you Kidding? Marco's not. He stomps out this fat to flat all tiger style in Juneau, Alaska. PHOTO: Andy Wright