DCP is lumped into snowboarding's three-letter acronym elite by default, but by no means is his style. It's fast and aggressive, and it has matured since his pipe days shredding with the 418 clique. Instead of charging pipe walls of years past, he charges heavy lines and relies on this proper backcountry gear.


PHOTO: Scott Serfas

David Carrier-Porcheron
Age: 29
Sponsors: Yes Now Board, The North Face, Spy, Northwave, Drake, One Ball Jay, Empire, Spacecraft, EMV
Years snowboarding: Nineteen
Roots: Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada
Home mountain: Whistler/Blackcomb, B.C., Canada
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Stance: Regular, 23.5 inches wide, fifteen degrees in the front binding and negative-six in the back
Forward lean: A little bit
Tuning techniques: I wax my boards with temperature-specific wax to match the conditions, and I tune my edges once in a while to get rid of little rock impacts and burrs.
Most important part of your setup: I would say … I need it all. If I have no board, I go nowhere. If I have no boots, I go nowhere. No wax, I don't slide. No outerwear, I'm not warm and dry. So it's the whole setup that's important.
What's your riding style? I love to ride fast in pow and lay into turns to get big clouds of snow. I love to send it off of cliffs and powder jumps, doing 180s and 360s off anything. I love to ride the cat tracks and hit the sides like hips and waves. But mainly, I just love to ride fast …

Board: Yes Rocker Twin-Tip 159 ($400)
Boots: Northwave Decade SL ($230)
Bindings: Drake Supersport ($200)
Jacket: The North Face Raging Viking ($500)
Pants: The North Face Raging Viking ($350)
Mitts: The North Face Socom ($75)
Goggles: Spy Zed DCP Goggle ($100)
Pack: The North Face N.F.Z. ($135)
Sled: Ski-Doo Summit 800


Here's one of DCP's favorite little moments-- a high-speed 180 right into a pocket, perfect for laying it down and flaring up " big clouds of snow." PHOTO: Scott Serfas