Chanelle Sladics

Chanelle Sladics
Birth date:
Sponsors: O-matic, Jones Soda, Oakley, Flux BindingsNeff, KickerCapix, Breckenridge Resort, Purl Wax.
Roots: Newport Beach, California.
Current Home Mountain: Breckenridge, Colorado.
Height: 5'4" (163 cm)
Weight: 115 (52 kg.)
Stance: 22.5" (57 cm)
Ideal board size: 149
Personal/favorite web site:
Favorite riding scenario: Riding with my best friends on a powder day (preferably Japanese powder), empty mountain and good tunes…
Ambitions: To educate, inspire, contribute, and create momentum in setting a new standard of living that serves mother earth and us. Inspire each other to use our unique opportunities to create awareness around the world.