Premier Unveils Preferred Dealer Program

Premier, the original and authenticmanufacturer of quality snowskates, has announced today the introduction ofits new Preferred Dealer Program. Designed to solve current and futurechallenges that dealers face, Premier has developed an innovative andcomprehensive new customer service and sales program. As the leader in thesnowskate category, Premier is also poised to be the unquestionable leaderin support, service and sell-through.

The Preferred Dealer Program begins by facilitating the order process withthe creation of pre-packaged assortments called “Pro Meal Deals” (and yes,they can even be “supersized”). The five different “Pro Meal Deals” includea selection of products from the Premier line that allows dealers to have anassortment of suitable products available for when customers come asking forthem.

The Preferred Dealer Program is intended to drive customer traffic to thepreferred dealer’s storefront by recognizing this group of dealers as thedestination spot for the “full Premier product line-up”. Preferred dealerswill receive the following perks: a listing in a special section of thePremier website (which receives over 150,000 hits monthly), a listing as apreferred dealer in ads, customized POP programs, exclusive posters,preferred dealer die-cut stickers, participation in a sales incentivecontest for preferred dealers, complimentary display rack, reduced purchaseminimums on price point models and priority for new product launches.

Finally, Premier’s Preferred Dealer Program in-house personnel willfollow-up by encouraging open dialogue with the preferred dealers. Premierwill make sure the preferred dealers are stocked with product, willencourage feedback regarding product and sales promotions, and will worktogether to jointly plan for the future of this category.

“Our goal this season is to develop a program of support to our dealers thatdelivers value and expands beyond the traditional pre-season sales anddiscount programs,” says Andy Wolf, founder of Premier. “What we havedeveloped is more than just a way to sell more product and gain morevisibility, but an opportunity to become a better partner with many of ourexisting dealers. In addition, we aim to help define this select group ofdealers as a ‘destination spot’ for the best selection of product in thiscategory.”

Premier, the original snowskate manufacturer, launched in 1998. Asnowskate, a board that is slightly wider and longer than a skateboard, ismade of plastic with a channeled base for stability and tracking and a foamtopsheet for grip. Snowskates combines the design, physics and feeling ofskateboarding and snowboarding and are for use on snow-covered sled hills,snowskate parks, or even right in the backyard. Premier Snowskates arecurrently available in specialty snow/skate shops worldwide and in selectmail-order catalogs. Consumers can call 1-800-305-4138 or log on to find a nearby dealer.