January 22, 2003 – Portland, Ore. – Premier Snowskate, the original and authentic manufacturer of quality snowskates, announces today the launch of “Fortrus by Premier”, a new line of snowskates that will debut in Premier’s brand new 400 square foot trade show booth at SIA in Las Vegas January 27-30th, 2003. The “Premier” and “Fortrus by Premier” brands represent the most robust product offering in the snowskate category to date.

“Fortrus by Premier” is an entry-level snowskate brand with product designed specifically for riders new to the sport. “Fortrus by Premier” will feature value driven, ‘beginner friendly’ snowskates. For the 2003/04 season, “Fortrus by Premier” will launch one single deck snowskate that will feature an insert EVA polymer construction, five-point jib-tech channel pattern for increased stability and tracking, a concave control topsheet, and back-screened base graphic. In addition, Fortrus will also introduce two new bi-level snowskates to the line for ’03/04. The first bi-level snowskate features a wood-laminated upper, an injected high-density polymer ski with metal edges, and the Fortrus signature ‘pillar truck system’. The second bi-level snowskate is 2-4-1 compatible (it can be ridden as either a single deck snowskate or as a bi-level snowskate) and features an insert EVA polymer construction upper and a detachable injected high-density polymer ski with metal edges.

“We started Fortrus to better meet the needs of the entry-level rider and give them a good product at an affordable price,” says Andy Wolf, owner of Premier Snowskate. “Fortrus completes our program and allows us to reach an audience of customers and retail buyers that on one hand are sensitive to price, but also demand the quality that the Premier brand has come to represent. This will allow us to develop Premier into a more high-end brand and continue to develop new progressive products without being limited by price. Between both Fortrus and Premier, we are able to satisfy the needs of all our retailers and customers.”

In addition to the launch of “Fortrus by Premier”, Premier Snowskate has partnered with Pinnacle Exhibits to develop and introduce a new, larger booth (20 x 20 sq. ft) at SIA. This effort represents Premier’s commitment to the snowskate category and creates the perfect vehicle to showcase the best offering of product in this category. The booth imagery includes motion elements, large screen plasma projection, a lightbox collage featuring amateur riders and consumer submitted photos and an exploded depiction of the 2-4-1 snowskate program.

“We really worked with the designers to make sure that we could communicate the innovative changes in product and the widespread acceptance of the sport at the grass-roots level,” says Brian Guzman, Director of Sales for Premier Snowskate. “Our website gets 1.2 million hits a month and we wanted to recreate that excitement in the booth concept. Ultimately, as the category leader, we want to make clear that our focus is to be the vendor of choice for snowskate product.”

Premier Snowskate, the original snowskate manufacturer, launched in 1998. A snowskate, a board that is slightly wider and longer than a skateboard, is made of plastic or wood with a channeled base for stability and tracking and a foam topsheet for grip. Snowskates combines the design, physics and feeling of skateboarding and snowboarding and are for use on snow-covered sled hills, snowskate parks, or even right in the backyard. Premier Snowskates are currently available in specialty snow/skate shops worldwide and in select mail-order catalogs. Log on to www.premiersnowsk8.com for more information.