Premier Snowskate* Awarded Patents For Snowskate* Products — Licensing And Enforcement Underway

October, 2001 – Portland, OR. – Premier Snowskate* has been awarded two patents for its original and authentic Snowskate* products. On September 18, 2001, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued U.S. Utility Patent No. 6,290,249, and on September 25, 2001, issued U.S. Design Patent No. D448,441, each having claims covering the Snowskate* products.

“This is a huge step forward for both Premier and the sport of Snowskating,” says Premier founder Andy Wolf. “Moving forward, we’re going to work with a select group of licensees so that we can ensure the quality of all Snowskate* products, and nurture healthy and sustainable growth in the market.”

Immediate plans for Premier Snowskate* include actively seeking qualified licensing partners within select distribution channels that will contribute to the long-term development of Snowskating. Premier Snowskate* will choose complimentary licensing partners to strategically place the Snowskate* products in select markets. The Snowskate* products produced by the licensees will appear at multiple price levels in multiple distribution channels. Prospective licensees may contact Matt Guthrie at 503-872-8471.

Premier Snowskate* will aggressively police the marketplace for infringing devices, and take all necessary measures to ensure that only Premier licensed products are available in the marketplace. Currently, Premier Snowskate* is the only company that owns the right to sell Snowskate* products.

Snowskating is quickly becoming the hottest new sport on snow with Snowskate* parks popping up at world-renowned snowboarding camps such as High Cascade and Windell’s, and at first-class resorts such as Timberline and Mountain High. For additional information, log on to

Premier Snowskate*, the original Snowskate* manufacturer, was launched in 1999. A Snowskate* is a board that is slightly wider and longer than a skateboard, which is made of plastic with a channeled base for stability and tracking, and includes a foam topsheet for grip. Snowskates* combine the design, physics, and feeling of skateboarding and snowboarding, and are for use on snow-covered sled hills, Snowskate* parks, or even right in the backyard. Premier’s Snowskate* products are currently available in specialty snow/skate shops worldwide and in select mail-order catalogs. Consumers may call 1-800-305-4138 or log on to to find a convenient dealer.