PORTLAND, OR (Feb 15) The 4th annual Specialty Sports Pro/Am presented by Palmer and JVC at Mountain Creek went off well. For many of the competitors it was the second weekend in a row spent in Jersey after coming off the Grand Prix event the weekend before. Riders attending included Andy Finch, Ross Powers, Abe Teter, Mason Aguirre, Tyler Emond, Pat Moore, Luke Mitrani, Tricia Byrnes and Chanelle Sladics.

The event was more of a party than a sanctioned contest. Shaun Palmer was on hand scaring all of the kids with his professional drinking techniques and uncanny ability take it to the next level. Palmer rider Chanelle Sladics was overheard saying, “Wow, I didn’t believe all of the stories until last night!” Stay tuned for more antics from the Palm.

Everything was light hearted for the event. Night finals for the pipe went down under the huge tungstun casting bulbs that lit the Shaun Melandowski (brother of Pat Melondowski) U jump. Mason Aguirre was slaughtering the thing. This kids going to be a household name real soon. Abe Teter and Andy Finch were quite a few beers deep when they dropped in for their runs. They went doubles for a few runs boosting airs over each other. They got tangled up at one point and Finch’s board came crashing down on Abe’s head. Luckily Abe was wearing a helmet.

For one run Andy cracked a beer at the top and preceeded to drink it during the run finishing with a huge backflip at the bottom of the pipe, can raised. He turned the can upside down when he landed and it was empty. That run should have won it for him, but Ross “the Boss” Powers clinched it with a run more suited for the under aged fans that lined the pipe walls. In the end it was Ross first, Mason second, and young Flow ripper Scotty Lago in third.

For women it was Tricia Byrnes first, followed by a local ripper Karla Gembarowski, and rounding up with Palmer shredder Chanelle Sladics in third.

Specialty Sports Pro-AM Final Results (Feb 12-14)

Pro Men

1. Ross Powers

2. Mason Aguirre

3. Scott Lago

Pro Women

1. Tricia Brynes

2. Karla Gembarowski

3. Chanelle Sladics

Amateur Men

1. Matt Fortuna

2. Jake Sullivan

3. Brian Friedler

Amateur Women

1. Jennifer Cohen

2. Jayme Gershy

Amateur Men 17 and under

1. Jack Mitrani

2. Jeremy Thompson

3. Kevin Schutz