Powder & Rails: Bryan Iguchi


Bryan Iguchi — Part 1 of 4

The Season Three finale of Powder & Rails catches up with pro snowboarding legend Bryan Iguchi in the backcountry of Jackson Hole, Wyoming (i.e. the middle of nowhere). We found him with his head stuck in a snow pit boning up on his knowledge of snow pack densities. You see, The Guch has become an experienced backcountry guide and all-around snow wizard while maintaining his reputation as a pro snowboarder. Later we find out what the heck you’re supposed to do with a loop, a crystal screen, a big saw knife, and a snow pit.

A cast consisting of Travis Rice, Kevin Jones, Dave Downing, Bjorn Leines, Mike Ranquet, Billy Anderson, Pat Bridges, and Jackson Hole O.G. Willie McMillon throw in their take on Iguchi and why he’s become so important to snowboarding. Oh, and we also dig up some dirty ole hoars-surface hoars, that is. Like, frost.

Bryan Iguchi — Part 2 of 4

We were so intimidated by Bryan Iguchi’s mountaineering man-skills in Part One that we made him do the sit-down interview in a fluffy white chair so we wouldn’t feel like such sissies in Part Two. He takes us back to his Southern California roots as an up-and-coming skateboarder introduced to snowboarding at Big Bear Mountain. Around that time, Bear had become the first resort to let snowboarders, with the help of Mike Parillo’s chainsaw, build their own jumps, rails, and halfpipes. In this D.I.Y. terrain park setting Iguchi flourished, emerging as one of the leaders in the new snowboard park agenda. In turn, Bryan’s career with Burton took off and soon he became a staple of video parts with FLF Films, Mack Dawg, and Volcom. The culmination of this work came when Bryan and a bunch of friends camped out in Sonora Pass, CA with a few super 8mm cameras, their snowboards, and some serious bro vibes, yielding Volcom’s The Garden, one of the most classic videos of all time.

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Bryan Iguchi – Part 3 of 4

At the height of his freestyle snowboarding career, SoCal-bred Bryan Iguchi traded snowboard park notoriety for mountain man obscurity by permanently relocating to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Most of his sponsors dropped him as a result, leaving him, as Pat Bridges said, left quite literally alone in the wilderness. As the sponsorship checks disappeared Iguchi made ends meet by printing t-shirts for Bluebird and taking an apprenticeship as a sushi chef. But The Guch was now able to pursue his own mountaineering agenda, resulting in the pioneering of 90% of the filming spots now used in the Jackson Hole backcountry. He soon went on to band with some locals and mentor a previously unknown rider by the name of Travis Rice.

Bryan Iguchi – Part 4 of 4

Guch and the Volcom squad fire up their snowmobiles and take us to the Jackson Hole backcountry for the Season Three finale of Powder & Rails. While scouting jumps to shoot, they pass by Mt. Maran and explain a fiasco in which Bryan and fellow pro-rider Jeremy Jones got lost while trekking to the peak. Without their combined mountaineering know-how, they may have both gotten permanently lost in mountain’s maze of gullies. Iguchi finds his favorite jump spot and lets the Volcom guys go on ahead, launching out on a one-man demonstration of why the Guch is still a pro. As you watch this now, Bryan’s probably out there riding someplace. And if you still don’t appreciate Bryan Iguchi, well then you’re probably just an asshole.

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