Poorboy Wax Teams With Rome Again

For the second year in a row, the Poorboy USA wax company and the Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate are working together, both in stores and on the hill. For the Rome decks that landed in shops this fall, Poorboy’s Blue Blur is the factory-finish wax that delivers gap-clearing speed straight out of the bag. Additionally, all of the Rome reps are set up with bricks of Blue Blur hot wax and tubs of Poorboy’s rub-on to keep their demo decks sliding fast at on-snow events this year.

“This has proven to be a great program for both companies. We are both backing each other’s products—and let’s face it; our wax on their boards is a great combination. Both companies rely on our team riders like Matt Downey (who rides for both brands) for endorsement of all that we bring to the market, and with this kind of feedback and team support, how can we miss?” says Kevin Campion, Director of Marketing for Poorboy USA. “The Rome guys know how to build great boards, they are all riders, and they even manage (for the most part) to stay out of jail”, adds Campion.

“Two years ago, Kevin hooked us up with some Poorboy to test out at on-snow demos during our first winter, and the stuff worked so well that we decided to put a coat of it on every board we make,” says Josh Reid, Director of Marketing for Rome. “Plus, the Poorboy owners are all snowboarders, surfers and skaters, so it’s great to work with and support that kind of company.”

Resorts are open and jumps are getting built. Save your knees. Wax up and avoid casing the knuckle.