This season most manufacturers are using the standard point-of-purchase items¿banners, large window stickers, and shop posters¿to help lure customers to their products in a store. Some have even gotten more creative. Here are a couple of examples of the not-so-regular promotional items being offered:

Airwalk: technical shop poster explaining how to fit boots.

Bonfire: education package including a video describing the clothing from technical features to materials. Also included: sales information and tips about selling, advertising suggestions, and much more. Extra bonus¿the box that this all comes in can be transformed into a hanging mobile.

Burton: a pad of posters, big plastic shelf tags explaining the product and the rider who influenced the product, open/closed sign for the front window, and an inflatable snow globe (you’ll have to see this one to believe it).

Deep: cardboard displays and Devil Girl logo mobile.

Joyride: SPRAY ‘zines, doormat.

Lamar: floormat, clock with an action photo, and a catalog holder for the counter designed from their spherical logo.

Nitro: dealer support with a technical manual for retailers.

Palmer: life-size cardboard cutout of Shawn Palmer.

Ride: urine strainers.

Swag: Swag Mag, 3-D signs.

Twist: sixteen-piece cylindrical sunglass case with a lock on back. Space in case to insert new graphics regularly.