Planet X Goes Global

Planet X Television, a leader in the action sports category since early 1995 is currently expanding upon its programming and events roster to include programming in Spanish, Portuguese and French to cater to niche foreign markets. Upon its successful test of a Spanish Planet X program on Univision, the Spanish language launch will go national and international later this year.

“The nature of the industry commands innovation,” stated Federico E. Martinez, Executive Producer for Planet X… “when companies the size of News Corp. (“Fox”) are launching fulltime networks in the action sports genre, independent producers have to think outside the box to grow.” The foreign marketplace has proven to be a bonanza for the Planet X Group with shows produced throughout Asia, the South Pacific, Latin America and soon-to-be Europe.

Federico further added, “Our regional programming properties are thriving within their respective markets. When you hit the urban markets in Australia such as Melbourne and Brisbane, the Planet X brand is bigger than ESPN!”

The corporation behind Planet X is currently structuring the media family to cater to a whole new range of programming, event and merchandising opportunities. Planet X has currently six new spin-off TV programs in development catering to specific niches in music, adventure travel, a dating show and more.

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