On March 26th Big Bear Mountain Resort hosted the annual Shop Wars that was sponsored by Planet Earth, Adio and Transworld Snowboarding. The contest exposed some of California’s best boardshops and the snowboard jedis that represented them. There turned out to be a lot a heavy action and it was one of the warmest and sunniest days of March.

Plenty of spectators were on hand to witness thirteen shops battle for rights to journey to Folgefonna Snowboard Camp in Norway. The contest was divided into zones: Superpipe, Big Air, and Rail. Each shop had a three rider force. The best rider of each event was to amaze the judges with the most style and amplitude. Matt “Yoda” Hammer, OB1-Mike Burton, and Jake” Skywalker” DeVine judged the contest. The three Jedi Masters were looking for the best trick. It didn’t even matter if it was a one hit session.

The battle started out in the Superpipe, freshly cut and ready for launch. Young Jedis of the pipe were Kirk Short, Mick Jackson, Cory Webstone, and Stephen Meyers. Webstone was initiating large Haakon flips, which might have led him to the podium, but unfortunately Imperial Forces took a shot on him and with an air to the head he was out on a stretcher. Stephen Meyers of Active Boardshop won with stylin’ frontside sevens.

The battle moved on to the Big Air jump. The usual So Cal hot temps made the snow turn slushy and riders needed a few tries to figure the speed of the 40′ table. Some knuckled and overshot; although it did not take long for tricks to be stomped. Switch backside five nosegrabs by Thor Ryan and truck driver spins by Scott Vine had the crowd in awe. It was Danny Williams of Active Boardshop who claimed first with consistent cab & frontside sevens.

The judges wrapped up the big air portion and announced lunch was served by Chipotle. The young Jedis shredded the boxes of burritos and before having any time to digest the extra weight they turned their attention to the rail jam.

The jib features were a mellow down, two log stumps stacked side by side, and a hefty down flat down over wooden stairs. As the session warmed up, the stumps attracted blunt stalls by Jack Gentry, however the real battle was focused on the down flat down. There were sights of 270 hardway spins to down; however after several attempts none were landed. The groms captured a lot of interest with their ambitious flights of air to boardslides.

Many gaps to downs impressed the Jedi Masters but Josh Mills took first with successful trick variations. Switch fifty fiftys and a switch nosepress 180 out, the kid did it in slow motion with wicked style. Another Active Boardshop domination!

During the awards Planet Earth’s Romey Thornton and Matt Hammer presented an overall shop winner. It was no doubt Active Boardshop. “Tall” Todd Wakeline and Kyle Herman were on hand to receive the trophy.


Pipe1st Stephen Meyers /Active
2nd Mick Jackson / Pharmacy
3rd Kirk Short / Mammoth Office

Big Air
1st Danny Williams / Active
2nd Scott Vine/ Leroy’s
3rd Clayton Shoemaker/ Bear

Rail Jam
1st Josh Mills / Active
2nd Johnny Miller / Active Groms
3rd Josh Keyser / Icon