Pipe Down: Max Jenke

14#1 Pipe DownNow that the Hype Up has been moved to the front of the magazine so an ad can be sold next to it, it’s left a huge hole in Yellow Sno. Instead of filling the page with something like a rainbow, we came up with this column to help keep people in check, sort of like the Hype Up’s archenemy. Instead of profiling a person who is extremely talented and underrated, each month we will profile an athlete who, well, just needs to chill.

Name: Max Jenke
Age: 21
Sponsors: Random, Northwave, Iris, Dub, Drop, The BoardroomTransWorld Office M.O.: Comes in hot. Always smells nice. Claims his yet-to-be-captured-on-film skills, a lot. Constantly hypes his “Wildcat” status.
Overheard saying: “I bust and I still can jump gaps like that” in response to an editor implying that if he held back from fornication as long as Jason Murphy did, he’d be able jump gaps like the massive one Murphy does in Destroyer.