Pipe Down: Jason Brown

It's been brought to our attention that many of our readers, mainly on the industry side, can't comprehend the meaning of our new Pipe Down column. So, we'll clear this whole thing up right now.

The Pipe Down was conceived in order to help snowboarders who may not realize that they are being perceived as a little full of themselves. Basically, it's a tool to make individuals aware of how their actions or behaviors are viewed by others.

So, if you're worried about ending up in our column, the next time you're ready to open your mouth and spray about how you're the “guy,” you might just want to take a quick look around and see who's listening first.

Now, it doesn't mean we dislike the individual or think poorly of their skills. We're really sad that we're the ones who have to point it out, but we're only doing these articles because we care.

Name: Jason Brown

Age: 27

Sponsors: Burton

TransWorld Office M.O.: I'm so weird. (See www.jasonbrown.com)

Overheard: Left a message for Shem, our photo editor, and implied it was weak that he was going to run only 24 frames (which is a two-page spread) instead of using the entire 36-frame (which would be two two-page spreads) sequence of him. Jason claimed that it's not so often you get to see a line in freestyle snowboarding and Shem should really run it.

Advice: Jason's an amazing shredder, and we like him a lot. He's helped us out at the magazine before (see last issue's Open Mic), which makes this even more difficult. Unfortunately, we're going to have to use Jason as an example of why you should never call a photo editor and tell him how to do his job. The first part of Jason's sequence is a pretty damn sick air to fakie at the top of a huge A-frame building and will run in our next issue. However, the second part in which Jason rides for twenty yards and then does a half-Cab to 50-50 on a picnic table hardly constitutes a “line.”