Words/Photos: Darcy Bacha

Every season is a mystery, and the unknown I think is what makes snowboarding photography so special.  At the end of the season I've created small bits of history, these are ten split seconds in time that meant the most to me during the winter.

  • Rasman had just started a bender of a stomping mission, and after getting one of the sickest switch bs 540's ever, Chris went back up and stomped this bs 720 first try on this jump made famous by Andy Wright’s cover of Curtis Cizsek a few years ago.

  • After a heavy day of boarding deep in the Whistler back ountry we were sledding back to the trucks when we went by this location.  We were in and out of clouds but figured this face might light up with golden light when the sun broke through.  The sun broke through and Chris Rasman surfed his way down and we got this capture.

  • Elias Elhardt spends every moment he's not snowboarding in Alaska looking through his binoculars to find something new to snowboard.  When he saw this feature we were super far away, but after a fly around the pilot said he could toe Elias onto the top of the rock no problem.  We took the doors off the heli and moments later got this image. I remember thinking how perfect everything was lining up when I clicked the shutter.  There are few moments in my photographic career when I know I capture something special instantaneously, and this was one of them.

  • Anyone who snowboards can relate to this image.  The mixture of powder snow and gravity is one of the greatest gifts of all.  Jason Robinson lives his life pursuing the next turn.

  • When Jason Robinson asked our helicopter pilot whether or not she could drop him off in the middle of the spine field so he could hike up and ride this line we though he was crazy. Then when our pilot said she'd do it we thought she was crazy too. Look on the left of the image and you'll see where the helicopter dropped him off.

  • Most images during the winter come out of random moments, but in the case of this pow turn it was a concept I had been thinking about for years.  I spent some time with Jason Robinson and his family snowboarding around Whitefish Montana during Christmas and decided to try out this technique.  It took a couple try's but mounting a flash on his snowboarding and having our friend Garrett Umphress as a portable light stand with a yellow gelled flash did the trick.

  • Most people would call it a day before deciding to hit a jump in gale force winds.  Honestly I was ecstatic when the boys sessioned this normally plain looking jump in less then ideal conditions.  Jody Wachniak's incredible style with the help of some blowing wind made this photo one of my favorites from the winter.

  • Not much to say about this photo other then the fact that Kazu Kukobo has the best fs 360 in the game.  That alone puts this as one of my favorite's.

  • Kazu Kukobo makes creating cool images easy. This method into the pillow field was a personal highlight.

  • Haines sits right next to the ocean, so the storms come in moist and the snow has this incredible ability to stick to all the rocks on the side of the mountains creating these incredible spines. Victor Daviet navigates down with ease.

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