Photo Annual: Extended Collection – Hakuba, Japan

Photos/Words: Andrew Miller
"I never had the pleasure to shoot with Lucas Debari, Blair Habenicht or Matt Edgers before this trip. I couldn't think of a better way to start things off than a two-week Ja-pow adventure to Hakuba. Photo-wise we had a ton of misty, dark, deep days that made it tough to get shots, but easy to find turns, which gets no complaints from me. Luckily, this Northwest crew has known each other since they were little groms and hadn't been on a filming trip together in eight years, so the stoke was extra high. Edgars kept us laughing the whole trip, especially when we somehow convinced him to put on rose blush, take off his shirt, and Zen out with the onsen monkeys."

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This is what heaven must look like. PHOTO: Andrew Miller.