Pesko and Lipscomb Grab Halfpipe Gold in Furano, Japan at NOKIA Snowboard FIS World Cup

Manuela Laura Pesko and Crispin Lipscomb have won the last Halfpipe contestof the NOKIA Snowboard FIS World Cup 2005/2006. At Japanese Furano, SwissPesko successfully competed in the ladies’ final winning with 38 pointsahead of Soko Yamaoka (36.4) and Shiho Nakashima (34.2) from Japan. Prior toher season’s third victory, the 27 years-old had already won the HalfpipeWorld Cup title ahead of Polish Paulina Ligocka and Sophie Rodriguez (FRA).

On the men’s side, Crispin Lipscomb celebrated his career’s first ever WorldCup triumph. The Canadian had risked everything in his second run of thefinal and finally passed Takahiro Ishihara (44.2) and Jan Michaelis (41.7)with the highscore of 45.5 points. Michaelis from Germany took home thetitle as the Halfpipe World Cup Champ leading the final ranking ahead of hisfellow countryman Xaver Hoffmann and Kazuhiro Kokubo (JPN).

“That’s amazing, I’m so happy, said Manuela Laura Pesko after her triumphin the Halfpipe of Furano, Japan. “After I had fallen in the first run ofthe final, I showed some mental strength and thus everything worked out asplanned. Asked for her second World Cup title after the 2002/2003 seasonshe answered: “That’s great. In the beginning of the season I took part inthe contests to qualify for the Olympics. But during the season it justlooked better and better. I had a fantastic year because I always came homewith top results, rode constantly and finally developed my riding.

More than pleased about his season’s ending was Crispin Lipscomb: “I havewon a World Cup, I cannot believe it. It’s unbelievable. I risked so much inthe second run because I didn’t want to end up as second or third again.The 26 years-old rider from Vancouver further on: “I was riding for thefun — then you land your tricks!

Jan Michaelis was also in a good mood. “I’m pleased. I never thought that Icould win the Crystal Globe again after my title in the 2001/2002 season. I’m so stoked! Although he didn’t believe it, he knew “that I could fulfilthis dream again after I took over the leadership in Leysin.

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