People Week: Wednesday Wallpaper

Since it’s People Week here at, we figured we might as well serve up a nice, hot plate of  Wednesday Wallpaper, People style. These are a few still shots of some of the hammers that got put down for the video. If you like what you see, then pick up a copy of Good Look by People. It will not disappoint.

simon chamberlain. PHOTO: Ashley Barker

Simon Chamberlain. PHOTO: Ashley Barker

Eero Niemela. Photo:

Eero Niemela. Photo:Scott Serfas

Eric Jackson. PHOTO:

Eric Jackson. PHOTO:Andy Wright

Shaun McKay. PHOTO:

Shaun McKay. PHOTO:Ashley Barker

Click on your favorite photo to view it full size, then download the image to your desktop and save it as your computer's wallpaper.

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