People Creative Inc. is excited to join forces with Camp of Champions Snowboard Camp this summer for an inaugural session this July 11-18, 2009. People Creative Inc. will be invading Camp of Champions for Session D this summer with the riders and filmers from our upcoming release "Nice Try."  Come kick it or board it this summer in Whistler with riders like Bryan Fox, Jordan Mendenhall, Seth Huot, Jonas Carlson, Jon Kooley, Eiki Helgasson, Shaun McKay, Lucas Debari and Will Tuddenham. Along with the heavy hitters from the film we will be dragging our Filmers out of the editing room to come film you! This is your chance to get in front or behind the lenses and show the world or your friends at home what you got. Whether its landing that trick you have been dreaming about all year or learning how to use your camera better, the People Session has you covered. The Riders and the filmers will be on hill everyday to get you dialed in on the newest tricks you want to learn as well as get it all on film so you can perfect your trick that day.  This is the only session this summer where YOU will have the chance of making it into movies. Every camper who attends the People Session will have a chance to gain web and video coverage on and in our new DVD release "NICE TRY."

We have also invited some our friends, too.  Along with the People Crew, Professional Snowboarders LNP, Shayne Pospisil, Tortstein Horgmo, Aaron Biittner, Molly Aguirre, Kimmy Fasani, Scotty Lago, Danny Larsen, Dan Brisse, and Markus Keller will be joining the session.

Whether you want to learn to ride like the pros or film like them, the Camp of Champions People Session is the place to be this summer. We can’t wait to see you up there and we hope you join us for the best week in summer EVER!

Hurry up and book your spot now on Session D at and be sure to check out updates of the People crew at