Peace Park Cameras – Highlights and Photographer Kits

From super expensive drones, 8mm cameras, high-tech lenses and more, the cameras of Peace Park were as progressive as the riding. Sebbe De Buck gets upside down with a rodeo while getting chased by a 6kHD drone worth more than most people's car. Photos: Nick Hamilton
Danny Davis: "I don't know too much about this camera, but I shoot with it a lot. I leave it on auto for all the light settings. My favorite feature is the button that slows everything down to 54 frame rate while shooting. It's a fun camera, easy to use for people who want to shoot film but don't want to get too tech. Camera: Nizo 801. Lense: Schneider - Krueznach 1:1, 8/7 - 80. Camera specs: Super 8 mm fim camera. Frame rates 18, 24, 54
This monster drone cruised the air and captured tons of shots. Heli Pilot- Nick Wolcott (L), Aerial Camera Operator. Corey Koniniec/Motion State (R). Heli: Freefly Systems Alta 8 with the MOVI M15 Gimbal. Camera: Red Carbon 6k Dragon. Lense: Zeiss Super, Speed 21mm. Bags: F-Stop Shin
Adam Burwell getting the fisheye angle of Red Gerard sending it out of the jump out of the pipe.
Legendary filmmaker, Mack Dawg, was the D.P. at Peace Park and used this setup: Camera: Red Epic Dragon. Storage: Red Mini Mag 512GB. Lens: Angenieux 25-250 HP. Matte Box: Bright Tangerine Misfit. Lens control: Microforce with Heden Motor. Microphone: Sanken CS3-e. Dual Monitors: Red 5 inch/Small HD 702. Batteries: Anton Bauer Dionic 90 HC. Tripod: Sachter 20SB Filters used on this shoot: ND’s, Polarizer
Sean Aaron had one of the most expensive setups at Peace Park. He doesn't mess around with his kit. Camera: Red Dragon Super 35mm Digital Cinema Camera, Made in USA ,Cost $15,000.00. Lens: Carl Zeiss Ultra Prime 8R f2.8, Made In Germany, Cost $33,000.00. Sean is one of three people in action sports to own one this type of lens and it's brought him some of the happiest moments of his filming career.
This drone captured insane action and mellow moments like this.
Legendary follow camera man Kirk Bereska with his Movi set up. Camera: Red Carbon 6k Dragon, Gimbal-Freefly systems MOVI M15, Lense: Duclos 11-16mm
Danny Davis with a well documented air to fakie.
Blotto: Camera: Sony a7r. Lense: 14mm. Camera details: Small, light weight, durable, easy operation for still images
Chris Owen. Camera: Canon 5d mk3. Lense: Canon 50mm 1.2. Accessory: King of beers in the other hand.
Nathan Yant. Camera: EPIC-X RED DRAGON. Lense: Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM. Accessories: Wool socks and sunblock
How many photogs can you spot in this shot?
Nick Hamilton was shooting stills with the Canon 1D Mk3 and 70-200 2.8L lense.
Ryan 'Utah' Young was also one of the main videographers at Peace Park and has a keen eye for angles and action. Setup: Dragon 6K, Canon 70-200, Sachtler 20P head w/ miller sticks.
The ultimate duo, Mack Dawg and Blotto. These guys along with all the photogs captured insane action during Peace Park. Stay tuned for the full edit coming soon.

Photos: Nick Hamilton

From lenses that cost $33,000, to the 8mm camera Danny Davis' shot with, to the a7r Blotto used and beyond, the cameras of Peace Park range in size and capability. Now in its sixth year, Danny Davis' Peace Park pushes progression with its super creative setup and laid-back vibes that encourage riders to send. In order to capture action at this level, the best cinematographers, drone pilots, and photographers were on scene to get the shot.

Scroll through the gallery above to see the cameras of Peace Park, read on for photog highlights and watch the official Peace Park Teaser.

Mack Dawg: D.P of Peace Park

Camera: Red Epic Dragon
Storage: Red Mini Mag 512GB
Lens: Angenieux 25-250 HP
Matte Box: Bright Tangerine Misfit.
Lens control: Microforce with Heden Motor.
Microphone: Sanken CS3-e.
Dual Monitors: Red 5 inch/Small HD 702.
Batteries: Anton Bauer Dionic 90 HC.
Tripod: Sachter 20SB Filters used on this shoot: ND's, Polarizer



Camera: Sony a7r
Lens: 14mm
Camera Details: Small, light weight, durable, easy operation for still image
Camera Quirks: I gaff tape the Mode & Exposure Compensation Dials (top of camera) closed because Sony forgot to put locking dials on top of a so-called professional camera. Without locking dials you have to physically check to make sure you’re still in the shooting mode you’d selected previously, even under the mellowest of shooting conditions, total nonsense to go through a check list before taking a picture. Also, I can get in a round of yoga during the time it takes for this camera to start up, especially after a battery change. Thirdly, you can research what the public thinks about Sony camera batteries for their mirrorless collection, or I can save you some data and tell you they’re junk. Lastly, the crew at Blue Media supplies the vehicle wrap for my camera customization and graphics. The camera feels better in hand without that shiny showroom look.

Chris Owen:

Camera: Canon 5d mk3
Lens: Canon 50mm 1.2
Accessories: King of beers in the other hand.
Camera Quirks: I try to use natural light as much as possible. It hurt a few of my shots at Peace Park this year, because we battled some clouds and thunderstorms.
Peace Park Highlights:
The highlight for me was the day it snowed like a foot and a half. The weather was crap all day, but we just went out and shot a bunch of party runs with everyone on Backhill boards. It’s just so unexpected to show up at a spring park shoot and actually have a blast on what might be considered a weather day.

Sean Aaron:

Camera: Red Dragon Super 35mm Digital Cinema Camera Serial #0150– Made in USA Cost $15,000.00
Lens: Carl Zeiss Ultra Prime 8R f2.8 — Made In Germany — Cost $33,000.00
Settings: 6K HD, Shutter Speed 200, Frame Rate 90fps, White Balance 5600, F-Stop f8, ISO 250
The Zeiss Ultra Prime 8r is at the top of my lens Arsenal. I’m one of three people in action sports to own one. Anywhere you look when framing up a shot with this lens looks incredible! The 8R has brought me some of the happiest filming moments in my career. I use swat rails to mount my Audio, Monitor & Handles. Amazing shots can happen in a moments notice. Reading into what’s happening with the athletes is key! Having your camera able to be shooting as quick as possible is NEVER a bad thing!
Peace Park Highlights:
I'd say my highlight was filming Sebbe DeBuck hand-planting the MTN Dew Wall ride feature. That feature was BIG! I honestly had my doubts on someone getting to the top and hand planting on it. The consequences outweighed the reward in my eyes, but Sebbe, Danny D and Greg Bretz all manned up and it was Sebbe who got there first. Peace Park is always such a treat for me because it’s the time of season to meet the riders Danny’s handpicked to ride the most progressive and innovative features of the season. Peace Park is an experience not a contest… If your lucky enough to be part of it consider it a feather in your hat.

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Peace Park 2016 will be televised nationally on Sunday, November 27, 2016 during ABC's weekly 'World of X Games' series at 2pm ET / 1pm PT. 

Watch the full Peace Park Video here.