Pat Moore’s Event: Back To The Boneyard

For the second year, Pat Moore has invited all his old New Hampshire pals back to the mountain where he grew up: Waterville Valley, New Hampshire. Back To The Boneyard is a celebration of his NH roots—the O.G. “Boneyard” park was one of the first terrain parks in the East. When Pat was just a wee grom, there was a burgeoning scene—a crew of crusty kids who rode there, many of them students from nearby Plymouth State, and  other burly locals who began a legacy  of loose good times, great parks, and no-holds-barred shredding that lives on to this day. Proof of that could be seen today as over a hundred riders came out—many of them aging derelicts—to ride in the pouring rain. Pat Moore, the host, MC, promoter, and event organizer broke the format up into 3 parts: a head-to-head dual slalom (started with one foot strapped in), a jump, and a quarterpipe. It was pouring. Cats and dogs. Buckets. We were all wearing plastic bags and raingear, which did little to keep us dry.

Riders ripped through the course in the span of about four hours and then retreated to the lodge for food, PBR pounders, and some pretty sweet prizes that Pat himself found in a local WeirdMart.  There was a slideshow of vintage Boneyard photos looping on a big-screen, old bros catching up, and many adult sport drinks going down. Pat’s mom, the legendary Deb Moore is the Marketing Director at Waterville, and she is the one who gave the original “Boneyard” the go-ahead, and has has mothered the Waterville scene all these years. She also competed today and won a third place prize in the women’s division as well as the “Cat Lady” award. (Don’t ask.) For the old dudes division, High Cascade frontman Preston Strout took home the honors and an indian head sculpture. In the Open group, Rob Halliwell won. And the overall King Of The Boneyard award went to Waterville coach Greg Maxwell. He flung stuff like sevens and underflips off the jump, Andrechts on the Red Bull wall ride, and pretty much just charged. He got the glory plus a giant Conan sword which he will probably use to kill someone. It was a wicked cool day, rain and all. And hey, if you missed it, there’s always next year.